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Two hundred and third day of 2016

Ostrich Land
Part 2
Recently we were on an ostrich farm, which is located not far from Niagara Falls in West Lincoln
8299 Concession 2 Road,
West Lincoln, Ontario
L0R 1A0
The main directions of their business – raising and breeding of African ostrich, obtaining eggs and meat, ostrich fat, which lets you create natural cosmetics, which has moisturizing and regenerating properties.
Visiting tourists, holding children’s birthdays and holidays, New Year party and more – is an integral, complementary part of farm income.
All animals (ducks, geese, rabbits) are very well maintained and kept in the open, user-friendly enclosures. Mistress Lena is very friendly person, who show you her farm. Despite the fact, that the farm has opened just 10 months ago, the boys have something to show to their guests.
Its very pleased, that the farm has a brand shop, where you can buy souvenirs, which are made with great love and taste by Lena and her friends.
Also, if desired, you can order and taste ostrich meat in the form of meatballs. Ostrich meat is unique in its composition – very low in cholesterol and high protein content.
And of course, ostrich eggs! You can see and touch them. You can order eggs & a cup of coffee and sit in the shade of warm, summer terrace.
With regard to children, take my word, they will find what to do in this place! In such a beautiful playground, which the owners have made by their own hands, in the fresh air, my family and I spent a few hours with great pleasure.
I would recommend to spend time in this interesting place. You will be feeling very well & comfortable here, and for your children there is a lot of useful information a lot of fun and relaxation.
Thank you Lena, for such a welcoming and pleasant meeting.
For us, it was a very warm and friendly meeting!
As in the house, where you lived, when you were a kid!
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